News and Reports

News and Reports
Carer raped disabled woman after he was sacked from NHS
Michael Forson abused his position as a carer to rape a woman with learning difficulties then told her to keep it a secret
‘After care home abuse, my sister just sits and screams’ | Rebecca Thomas -
Nurse jailed for having sex with teenage patient in his care
Givemore Gezi was told he had committed “an exceptional breach of trust”.
35,000 cases of sexual misconduct or violence in NHS in five years
Rape, assault or being touched without consent accounted for more than one in five cases.
Dad walks in on pervert exposing himself to vulnerable daughter
Peter Edge was supposed to care for adults with disabilities but instead “took away the innocence” of a vulnerable woman
Paisley carer abused severely disabled man he was supposed to look after
Alexander Elliott has been sentenced to two years behind bars and placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years after a tirade of abuse, preying on three people.
Rapist Edward Weeks jailed after victim kills herself
“Very vulnerable” Tina Lewis was attacked by Edward Weeks when she stayed at his home.
Watchdog investigates possible failures at mental health hospital after 24 alleged rapes
The care watchdog is investigating possible safeguarding failures at an NHS trust after a documentary uncovered figures showing there were 24 alleged rapes and 18 alleged sexual offences in just th…
Sexual assault and rape claims to be part of mental health care review after Sky News investigation
One of the victims says she’s pleased the widespread abuse is to be included within the review, but says its scope is still “insufficient”.
Mental health patient describes how she was sexually assaulted on ward in NHS hospital
Rivkah Grant was receiving treatment for her mental health on a female-only ward in an NHS hospital when she was assaulted by a male healthcare worker in 2016.
Nurse sexually assaulted 85-year-old woman he cared for in her home, court told
Steven Hicks is accused of attending a woman’s house – where she lived alone – in medical clothing on January 5 2022 and assaulting her.
Private hospital group guarantees same sex care for patients
Pressure on NHS to follow suit after HCA promises patients will be looked after by staff members of same ‘sex’ rather than same ‘gender’
How did NHS body get the law so badly wrong over its rules on same-sex care? | Sonia Sodha
New healthcare guidance could deny female patients their legitimate rights. It should be withdrawn
NHS England mental health trusts record 26,000 sexual abuse incidents
The data over five years puts spotlight on underfunded hospitals where abuse can often easily be hidden, say experts
Sexual safety on mental health wards - Care Quality Commission
This report shares our findings and recommendations after reviewing incidents related to sexual safety on mental health wards.
JK Rowling backs parents told disabled daughter did not have right to female-only care
Harry Potter author warns that special school’s cross-gender policy on intimate assistance endangers ‘extremely vulnerable girls’
Helen, a severely learning-disabled girl: sex-based rights under threat
Severely learning-disabled girls and women are having their right to female-only intimate care erased by ‘inclusion and diversity’ policies.
Families shocked to find biological males can provide care for women
Amanda’s concern deepened still further when she made a recent discovery every person with a vulnerable relative - be they elderly or disabled - should be aware of.
Hospital ditches woman’s surgery after she complains about transgender nurse
Theresa Steele is calling for a private healthcare company to respect patient’s sex-based rights, including the right to request care from same-sex professionals
Why Disabled Women Requesting Female Only Intimate Care is Not ‘Disgusting’.
Dr Em responds to Aidan Comerford calling her ‘disgusting’. Dr Em has been banned from Medium. We are rehosting her articles here.
Safe care at home review
Joint review led by the Home Office and DHSC into the protections and support for adults abused, or at risk of abuse, in their own home by people providing their care.
The Brent Council ‘Cassie’ safeguarding case revisited.
Wembley Matters: a news and information blog about environmental and social justice in the London Borough of Brent & beyond edited by Martin Francis
‘Emily’ report: ‘Highly probable’ more elderly women were abused by nursing home worker
Independent safeguarding expert Jackie McIllroy said the decision not to continue reviewing all 79 cases was ‘a missed opportunity’