Abuse survivor's request for single-sex care in hospital ignored.

In 2021 (I was 61 years old then) I was hospitilised due to a complication with a drug I take for a cancer. All the wards I was on were mixed sex, with bays for men or women, or half the ward for men and half for women. Often there were men and women in the same bay. I was ambulatory, not bed bound.
As I have CPTSD (from extreme early life sexual abuse) I informed every ward I was on that I preferred female staff to assist me IF I needed help and briefly, why. This was ignored 100% of the time.
I would wash daily in my cubicle with all curtains closed as there was a sink in there. On several occasions, a creepy male nursing assistant would barge into the cubicle (when I was naked or half naked) and ask if I wanted him to help me wash myself. I always said no and to not come in. He did this for several days running. I told staff that I wanted this stopped, they were scathing, rude and ignored my request, labelling me "entitled." I was always polite. I had no need for any help bathing at all. I couldn't use the single bathroom on the large ward to bathe as the male patients rendered it filthy (urine and faeces everywhere) immediately after the cleaners had done their work every single day. Male patients used to rattle the door handle and bang on the door for female patients to hurry up every single day. Staff never stopped them doing this.